Movement and body work as the source of health

Our everyday life is physically and mentally demanding. While we need to be highly flexible on a mental level, on a physical level we are usually rather inactive. The consequence: Stress, lack of movement and bad posture leading to head, neck, back and limb pain.

I offer diverse massage techniques and yoga styles that aim on preventing this modern society phenomenon. Whether yoga or massage – connecting relaxation and meaningful physical stress helps to bring body and soul back into a healthy balance.

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Our body is the best and most faithful companion of the soul – that is why both should be appreciated in an appropriate manner. Who allows the body to relax and calm down harmonises his mental condition all the same, and restores power and balance.


When was the last time you gave yourself a moment to experience your body in a conscious way? What is called luxury these days should actually be natural. Yoga is one key to such natural body experience and can be everything – from gentle physical movements to a demanding exercise, as part of an ethical life style or a spiritual experience.

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By travelling you can discover new things and exceed limits. We leave trodden paths – the way we see the world changes. The physical distance from the everyday life enables us to experience yoga in all its diversity. A yoga retreat is a very special, soothing experience – an outer and yet inner journey. Take this opportunity to observe yourself from another angle and to rediscover yourself.

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