Craniosacral massage

Harmonizing, balancing, self-regulating.

Activation of the body’s self-healing powers.

Since the craniosacral rhythm pulsates very subtly, the craniosacral bodywork is a training of body awareness for my clients as well as for me as a practitioner. This body therapy has a harmonizing and self-regulating effect on different levels. Emotions, important insights or the course of energies in one’s own body can be clearly experienced.
The craniosacral system and other body systems are related to each other and influence each other. The craniosacral relaxation addresses all these systems indirectly or directly and harmonizes them:

  • Blood circulation (arterial and venous blood supply)
  • Nervous system
  • endocrine system (hormonal glands)
  • lymphsystem
  • Respiratory system
  • Movement apparatus (muscles, connective tissue, fasciae, ligaments, tendons, joints)

There are connections between the nervous, immune, lymphatic and hormonal systems. By gentle touch I can support and balance these body systems and their cross connections.

The origin of craniosacral massage lies in cranial osteopathy, a branch of classical osteopathy. It was developed by William Sutherland. Although anatomy books taught, then as now, that the skull bones are firmly attached to their sutures and do not allow movement, he was fascinated by the skull sutures. He believed that every shape had a purpose, studied for decades and found that the skull moved and that the movements were related to different physical and emotional sensations.

Dr John Upleger, an American osteopath, discovered the rhythmic movement of the dura mater in the early 70s during the surgical opening of the cervical spine. From this time on he began to develop methods of working with this body system. His interest was always directed at the medical and energetic side at the same time.

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