Yoga Retreat on a Sailing Yacht

a yoga seminar for yoga teachers

Experience yoga and meditation in a unique environment and let your spirit roam free.


Yoga instructors are teaching yoga instructors – a spiritual exchange and an inspiration.

The sea and yoga have much in common: they offer us balance, vastness, and at the same time a focus on ourselves. Sea, nature, wind, weather, their beauty and unpredictability are reflecting our self and our perception. A wonderful setting for intensive yoga.

That is why we would like to invite you to experience the magic of the picturesque coastline of Croatia or Mallorca together with other yoga instructors on a sailing yacht. The quiet atmosphere on board is the perfect setting for joint yoga sessions, where the wind gives us the impulse for an exchange and the waves are triggering our thoughts.

Yoga retreat on a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean – a dream for all yogis and friends of the sea. Where would we find a better inner balance than on a ship that keeps its balance on the gentle waves?

During the yoga retreat on a sailing yacht we are exploring the picturesque coastline of Croatia or the Balearic Islands with their beautiful bays and cosy harbours. Also on board: Tranquillity, wind, silence and a smile on the lips.

Yoga programme for yoga instructors on the sailing yacht

The days on a multiple days yoga trip onboard a sailing yacht are filled with yoga sessions either on a beach or on the boat. We yoga instructors decide together what kind of yoga we would like to share and practice. It can be everything: a yoga or pranayama session, music, a presentation of a philosophical topic or completely different thoughts and contents that you would like to share with the group. An openness that equals the openness of the sea we cross on our route, which is formed by wind, weather, and our desires.

We will follow the desire to connect with the element of the weather as many times as we feel like it. Whilst we are laying anchor in a beautiful bay we enjoy swimming, snorkelling or indulge ourselves with the warming rays of the sun. We are looking forward to amazing sunsets and a magic night sky.

Culinarily speaking, we are crossing Ayurvedic, Mediterranean, and Asian waters. After the daily morning yoga session a delicious Ayurvedic breakfast is waiting for us. Over the course of the day we are preparing creative salads and snacks. Fruits and sufficient beverages are available. In the evenings we are comfortably sitting together, and are cooking our dinner. For this purpose, we have compiled refined, simple and very wholesome recipes.

Please talk to us about your personal preferences.

daily schedule

  • 08:00 – 09:30 Yoga
  • 10:00 – 11:00 Breakfast
  • from 11:30 set sail
  • In good weather pranayama, meditation and philosophy on board
  • 15:00 – 18:00: anchoring in front of a bay / free time
  • In good weather pranayama, meditation and philosophy on board
  • 18:00 – 19:00 Yoga
  • 19:00 – 21:00 Cooking together / dinner

The life on a yacht.

The life on a sailing boat has its very own rhythm. Time and distance get a completely different dimension; alter their meaning for our being. Sometimes a destination seems to be so close, even though it is actually far away. When we may arrive is not always in our hands, and depends to a considerable degree on the nature. Accepting this is an enriching experience.

Nature guides us through the day.

At this special seminar we are not only in nature, but nature is showing us the way. This is a unique experience – we learn to let go and accept in a very practical way.

In case that the weather should be rough we may decide to stay in safe waters and to wait with getting to new destinations until conditions are favourable for us. The yoga trip is well-suited for sailing beginners – I am making level-headed decisions when it comes to ensuring the common good of all participants. I, Klaus, am your skipper – a fully trained sailing instructor with years of experience in sailing the Mediterranean and at the same time your yoga instructor. That is why you’re in best hands.

Eat and Drink

We also make conscious culinary decisions and keep a healthy diet. A Mediterranean, Ayurvedic menu plan is prepared. Some dishes are vegan, others are vegetarian. Meat and fish are not on the agenda. As your skipper I prepare an Ayurvedic porridge with fruits, nuts, and other secret ingredients. Over the course of the day the team may independently prepare delicious light meals such as salads and snacks from the supplies. Creative suggestions for simple and quick recipes are always welcome. In the evenings we prepare dinner together or visit a restaurant. Upon request, we send you the recipes after the yoga sailing retreat has finished. In terms of beverages we will have sufficient amounts of water and a small selection of different juices. We will consciously abstain from alcohol use and are pleased if this is also in your interest. Yet, there is no general alcohol ban on board.
We are happy to take care of grocery shopping prior departure. Therefore it makes sense that any participant roughly knows what he/she needs, so we can utilize our time to sail and to practice yoga. Please feel free to get in touch with us beforehand in case of special requests, allergies, and recipe suggestions. We are trying to consider anything and are looking forward to get inspired. Should you have a certain food allergy then please bring such special things with you that might be hard to get in Croatia or Mallorca. As mentioned above payments for the groceries are taken from the board kitty.

Service & Price

  • Kroatia / Split
  • 1 Week: 01 June to 7 June 2019
  • Mallorca / Palma de Mallorca
  • 1 Week: 14 September to 20 September 2019
  • Boarding Saturday from 17:00 (first day)
  • End of Friday 15:00 h / off board Saturday 08:00 h
  • Minimum number of participants: 4
  • limited to max. 6 participants
  • Koje in double cabin for 799,- € (plus board cash*)
  • Koje in single cabin for 1049, -€ (plus on-board cash*)
  • Friends save if you book together – 50,00 Euro per person!!

Your non-binding booking request

Fill out the form below and ask for your desired period of time. I will contact you as soon as possible.

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01.06. – 07.06.2019 Croatia 15.09. – 20.09.2019 Mallorca
terms of payment
  • One berth in double cabin: 799,00€ plus board cash
  • Single cabin (max. 4 available): 1049,00 € plus board cash
  • 20% payment on booking, until the minimum number of participants is reached.
  • 50 % payment on booking from the minimum number of participants.
  • 100% payment 35 days until the beginning of the seminar and if the minimum number of participants is reached.
cancellation terms
  • In case of cancellation by the participant at least 15 % of the seminar price will be retained.
  • 50 % of the seminar price will be retained if the minimum number of participants was reached at the time of cancellation.
  • for cancellations from 35 days before the beginning of the seminar 100 % of the seminar price will be retained.
Cancellation by the provider
Cancellation due to failure to reach the minimum number of participants: If the minimum number of participants is not reached by 35 days (5 weeks) before the start of the seminar, the seminar will be cancelled by the organizer.
Note on flight booking
When booking flights, please note that the seminar can only take place if the minimum number of participants is reached. We will inform you as soon as we have the approval of 4 participants. If you would like to book early in order to possibly get a cheaper price for the flight ticket, we recommend to choose a fare with the possibility of a low-cost cancellation when booking the flight.
board cash
Various things that are needed and consumed in the course of a sailing trip are paid for from the on-board cash register. The costs depend on the number of participants and their personal wishes. Some costs depend on the consumption and others change with the weather – such as the fees for an overnight stay in the port. Harbour Fees Planned we will spend one night in the harbour in one week under normal conditions. We will also have to go to a safe harbour in case of bad weather or the team decides to spend an extra quiet night in the harbour. Since we also have only limited water supplies on board for showering and experience shows that this does not last long, we regularly need a harbour stop to fill up the water. In some bays it is only allowed to moor at buoys, which is cheaper than a place in the harbour. In general, we want to anchor as often as possible in beautiful bays and enjoy nature. Fuel We want to move as much as possible under sails and hope that we always have enough wind. If this is not the case, there is an economical diesel engine on board. This consumes about 3 to 4 litres of fuel per hour. On average we need about 50 – 80 €/week for fuel. Dinghy and outboard engine Furthermore we have a small dinghy on board. The dinghy is issued with two paddles, but can also be operated optionally with a small engine. We need the dinghy e.g. for anchoring in order to get from the yacht to the beach. For the outboard motor we have to pay an extra rental fee of about 100,00 €. Whether we use the outboard motor, we will decide together at the check-in on the boat. Final cleaning At the end of our sailing week the yacht will be professionally cleaned, for which approx. 150,00 € have to be paid. Bed linen and towels Towels and bed linen/sleeping bag are to be brought along. There is also the possibility to rent them. How much this costs varies from landlord to landlord. On average bed linen costs about 20,00 € and towels about 5,00 €. Catering As mentioned in the travel description, the food and drinks are paid from the board cash. Experience shows that approx. 50,00 € to 80,00 € per week are required. The gas needed for cooking will be charged additionally with 10,00 €. Insurance The charterers of the yacht require the conclusion of a liability insurance for the crew, which comes up with damage in and at the ship. This insurance is paid out of the board cash and costs approx. 150,00 €. The damages caused by the skipper through improper use of the yacht, the skipper has to pay himself.
!!! Bitte keine Koffer mitbringen !!! Auf einer Yacht gibt es nur begrenzt Stauraum. Bitte benutzt Reisetaschen oder Rucksäcke – Danke!!!! Packliste

  • Hin- und Rückflugticket (achte auf Gepäckangaben!)
  • Yogamatte
  • Sonnenschutz, -brille und -creme!!!
  • Schuhe mit glatter nichtfärbender Sohle
  • Legere Sportkleidung, Regenjacke, warme Kleidung für den Abend
  • Evtl. Medikamente gegen Seekrankheit
  • Standardimpfungen prüfen
  • gültigen Ausweis (mind. +1 Monat gültig)
  • Schlafsack/Bettwäsche, falls du keine Bettwäsche leihen willst
  • gute Laune, Lust auf Yoga und See
  • 200,- € Bordkassenpauschale in bar
personal notice
This seminar is aimed at yoga teachers and is intended as a retreat for exchange and relaxation. And the seminar also wants to enable you to experience a sailing yoga retreat at more favourable conditions and to inspire you to share these experiences with your own group. We are happy to organize yoga sailing seminars for groups. Please contact us if you would like to do a yoga sailing retreat with your own yoga group.