That’s me.

Klaus Eckart Julitz

My stations in life.

On the rail.

I spent the first 20 years of my diverse life in East Germany (GDR). During that time I made my dream of becoming a train driver come true. But as is the case with some dreams, they are different in reality. I got bored. At the time of change, when the wall broke down, I made a change myself.

On the sea.

After some time of looking around I tried my hand at self-employment and earned my money in an alternative way. Unfortunately, I was far ahead of my time and after a couple of years I stopped this nerve-racking job and moved to Spain. There, I discovered my love to the sea. The energy of the sea had a calming effect on me and I wanted to be on the water or nearby as often as I could. That’s when I tried kitesurfing and started with sailing

On a Quest.

I returned to Germany for a brief time to finish my education as a water sports instructor on the island of Rügen. The time I could enjoy on the water in Northern Europe was somewhat restricted by the distinct change of seasons, so I consequently changed my centre of live and moved to Mallorca. I started giving lessons as a sailing instructor. This was a very fulfilling task, but the wide sea was calling me. I became a skipper (captain) and sailed in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Eventually, the work on a motor yacht made me loose my connection to nature and to myself and I went through a dark valley.

On my way.

One day, a friend of mine took me to a yoga class. Wow! I saw a silver lining. Yoga became part of my life. I started to sense myself again, started to feel myself, to see who I can be if I muster the courage to make it happen. Even though my hair began to turn grey, once more I decided to give my life a new direction. Step by step I immersed myself in the world of yoga and massage. I travelled to Thailand, so I could learn Thai massage and participated in diverse yoga instructor classes. I have been taking yoga lessons in diverse yoga stiles with different instructors.

Back to the Sea and in the Midst of Life.

So I put some distance between myself and the sea, and started to teach yoga while enjoying myself with body work. The sea never lost its healing effect on my mind, though. I regularly sail and practice yoga on the Mediterranean Sea off Mallorca and conduct yoga sailing retreats. My desire to travel and my curiosity with Eastern and Indian cultures lead me back to Thailand and India, again and again.
The journey to myself continues every day and I am surprised how my life evolves. I am getting more aware of myself, reflect upon myself, and recognize myself. Yoga teaches me to trust life, and myself. It is a beautiful thing to dedicate myself to the flow of life, to experience life as a whole, and to embrace it with all light and shadow. Even though it’s tough sometimes – yoga, meditation und many other tools provide me with serenity and inspire confidence. I experience every day with curiosity and braveness.
I wish to inspire the people I meet on my way and to be inspired by them.

My awards.

I love to travel and learn while doing so. So I used many of my stays in Thailand to learn the traditional Thai massage and the Chi Nei Tsang belly massage in the country of origin.

In my hometown Leipzig I learned the craniosacral massage. For the yoga teacher training I went again to Thailand to the beautiful island Koh Phangan. While I was enthusiastic about Anusara Yoga in Spain, I finally found an extensive Yin Yoga training in Germany that met my wishes.

There is so much more to learn on my travels. I continuously attend workshops for massages and yoga. I believe that learning never stops, because the human miracle has not yet been recognized and understood in its entirety.

Massage & Yoga

Nautische Nachweise