Finding a New Balance with Yoga


My Yoga Offer

As an experienced yoga instructor, I am teaching this centuries-old concept to methodically align body, spirit and soul of the human being into a harmonic wholeness. Whether it is activating in form of Dynamic yoga or cooling as Yin yoga: you can always start with Hatha yoga – at any time, at any place, and at any age.

makes happy and free

strengthens body and soul

provides serenity and flexibility

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Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is part of the Hatha yoga tradition in its modern incarnation. Yin yoga incorporates elements of Indian yoga, Chinese Tao, and Western science to improve our health. By way of particularly long and passive stretching exercises the deep network of our fascia, the joints, tendons, and ligaments are being mobilised and strengthened. Yin yoga provides a way to get past our beliefs on who we ought to be, and to discover our true self.

Dynamic Yoga

The classic, traditional Hatha yoga provides the foundation to Dynamic yoga. It connects modern yoga styles, which have evolved in the Western world. Dynamic yoga is powerful, activates and strengthens the muscles and improves resilience. During class, I show Asanas that improve and sharpen the perception of body and soul, and create a new balance. This raises your awareness und you get a tool to improve your body sensation and attitude to life.


Group lessons: 7 to 15 Euro per unit
Private lessons: 30 to 100 Euro per unit